• Is Google Ads Right For You?

    Is Google Ads right for you?

    Is Google Ads right for you? Not sure whether to swipe right on G-Ads? Maybe you like the look of it and you’re keen to jump into some new advertising this year? Ok, enough of the dodgy Tinder reference. (And yes, this married lady did have to Google to check which way to swipe). The […]


  • Three ways to tell if your ads manager is doing a good job

    How to tell if your Ads Manager is doing a good job

    In an earlier post, I talk about what to do if you want to do Google Ads but you don’t want an Ads Manager – you can check it out here. But if you DO have an ads manager, or you’re looking to hire one quick sticks, this post is for you. Because sometimes when […]


  • Why Launching A Smart Campaign Isn’t Smart

    Smart Campaign

    If you’ve never done Google Ads before, it’s super easy to buy into every reco Google throws your way – after all, they’re there to help, right? And they know their own product best! Right? Well, kind of. Google is a business, so while they are super helpful and have built a really awesome advertising […]