“When you step into that purpose and values part of your brand and you start creating messaging around it, things like social media or blogs, or PR, any sort of communication platform, become more than just people reading it and liking it. It becomes about the impact that you’re creating by putting that piece of content out there.”


How well do you know your brand and its purpose? Knowing your brand really well helps you to market it more efficiently, be more confident when talking about its purpose and easily pitch it to new clients, it also helps you to better represent your brand. That’s why a brand strategy is essential for not losing track in your brand’s journey. A great brand strategy reflects your purpose and values as a business owner first in order to create a brand that people could trust and relate to.

In today’s episode we have Serena O’Brien. She is a purposeful brand facilitator and a founder of a boutique brand strategy agency, Speak Out Studio, based in Prahran, Australia. Their agency has one aim – to genuinely support business owners in building a clear and confident relationship with their brands. They have a different approach to building brand strategies where your purpose and values, as a business owner, are a stepping stone for the foundation of a confident brand. Serena has worked with major international brands such as Toll Group and Bertolli Olive Oil, and she has also worked predominantly with purpose and values driven women in business to help them build clear and confident relationships with their brands. She believes that brands should connect with people and that’s why she focuses on humanising and personalising them.

In this chat, we will be talking about what is purpose driven business, why purpose is important for your business success and much more.

Let’s jump in! 



  • Who Serena is and what she does

  • How she started running her own business

  • Was Serena doing social media management before starting doing brand strategy

  • Is brand strategy creation similar to social media management

  • What is branding and why it’s important

  • What is purpose driven brand

  • Does the purpose have to be individual or more concentrated on your customers

  • What is Serena’s approach in building brand strategies

  • Does purpose driven strategy applies to ecommerce businesses

  • What if people don’t like your brand’s purpose

  • Why women should get paid for the work they are asked to do for free

  • What is Brand Plan and what can people learn in this program

  • How can people join this program

  • Why Serena moved this program online



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