Google Ads Consulting Call


Sometimes you need the type of Google Ads help that only a conversation (with an expert) will solve. Enter our Google Ads Consulting Calls.

We offer one-on-one mentoring sessions with our senior ads strategists to discuss anything Google Ads related.

These sessions are held via Zoom and are designed to focus on exactly what you need help with.

Whether it’s for your own business or a client account you’re wanting some additional support for, our Google Ads consulting calls will leave you feeling empowered and confident with your paid ads.

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Here are some Google Ads Consulting Call topics:

  • Strategy advice

  • Optimisation advice specific to you or your client’s account

  • Review of your Google Ads account structure

  • Client management
  • Campaign setup
  • Tech troubleshooting
  • Bid strategy advice
  • Developing an ongoing optimisation plan
  • … or anything else Google Ads related.

Following your mentoring session you’ll receive the recording of the Zoom call so that you can revisit whenever you need. You’ll then be able to easily action anything we’ve discussed within the consulting call that made sense for your biz.

“I can’t thank you enough for the smooth offboarding. Not surprising though since it is at the level of collaboration we’ve had so far. Thanks for everything, I’m definitely going to refer you guys whenever I hear a client that needs Google Ads.”


Keen? You can book a Consulting Call time here:

$200 for one hour.