“You have to take SEO into account when you’re writing a web copy because people are searching online. And Google reports something like 51% of shoppers who research a product online before making a purchase. So if you haven’t considered your SEO then you’re just not gonna be found by those people, they’re not gonna come across your product.”

When starting a brand a lot of the business owners put their attention to their company’s logo or a stunning website design that would bring new customers in. However, that’s not all. Copywriting is another crucial thing that shouldn’t be neglected. It helps to really set your brand apart from your competitors and to really connect to your customers on a deeper level. Some business owners occupy themselves with copywriting but it’s a very time consuming activity and not every business owner has the time to get it just right. That’s why some of them turn to copywriting agencies that do exclusively that.

In today’s episode we have Nell Casey. Nell owns a Fete Creative, an ecommerce copywriting agency in Melbourne, Australia. She works for online brands and helps them to transform a really boring and generic web content and product descriptions into personality packed copy that turns website browsers into buyers.

In this chat, we will be talking about how to develop your company’s voice and let your products speak for themselves, how to get your product descriptions right not only for people but also for Google, how Nell got into copywriting and much more.

Let’s jump in! 



  • Nell’s background and what she does

  • How Nell got into copywriting

  • What made her specialise in ecommerce side

  • Do you need to work extra hard as an ecommerce brand to attract buyers

  • How to stand out as an ecommerce business

  • What are the don’ts of copywriting

  • Using copywriting as a retailer of other people’s brands

  • Tips for people who want to rewrite their product descriptions or the copy on their website

  • What are the metrics that you need to look at to evaluate the performance of the new copy

  • What are the key pages on your website that need to speak to your consumer

  • Buyer’s guide and its importance in bring new customers

  • How to develop your tone of voice for your brand

  • Should you talk with your past clients and customers about their experiences with your brand before hiring a copywriter?

  • What are some smaller brands that are really killing it with their copywriting

  • Do you need to be consistent with the tone of voice of your brand throughout all aspects of your business

  • How to incorporate SEO into your copywriting

  • Does Nell get clients who don’t know who their customer is

  • Tips on writing product copy

  • Things to look for when outsourcing a copywriter


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