Headshot of Kaity Griffin, Google Ads specialist

Hi, I’m Kaity Griffin

I’m a Google Ads Specialist. And I have a love/hate relationship with Google Ads

I love that Google Ads gives businesses a way to get in front of customers who are actively looking for what they sell with speed, ease and accuracy.

I love that I’ve been able to successfully use Google Ads to create serious profits for my own e-commerce business— and that I’ve been able to recreate those results over and over again for top-notch clients like Showpo, Swimwear Galore and Brian Tracy.

I love reading the numbers, tapping into the tech and watching the profits consistently roll in.

And most of all, I love teaching others. Taking advanced technical concepts, best practices and innovative techniques—and breaking them down into simple ideas and practical applications that almost anyone can understand and use. And the excitement we share as they learn and the spark in their eyes when they finally get it. These are by far the best bits of being a Google Ads specialist.

But I hate when small business owners are taken for a ride by ad managers who make big promises and don’t deliver. Agencies that spruik their skills at increasing traffic but can’t convert that traffic into actual sales for their clients. Digital marketers that don’t communicate what they’re doing with their client’s money or why. And ads that are full of toxic messaging and unethical tactics just to get the sale.

And I hate that good, purpose-driven businesses and marketers who could make a genuine impact with Google Ads feel locked out by complex tech jargon and confusing advice.

(Not to mention how hard it is to get some helpful advice from Google support or successfully dodge calls from account representatives, but I digress…)

So, I’ve set out to create something better.

Here at Kaity Griffin HQ I work with my team to change the digital marketing industry for the better.

We help businesses, marketers and agency teams who care about what they deliver and the impact they make. And we work with people who share our values—so we can create a ripple effect, together

What are those values, you ask?

No BS Google Ads Specialists

We say what we mean and mean what we say.

We’re honest about what we can and can’t achieve. No exaggerated claims, no overpromising, no manipulative sales tactics and no beating around the bush. You can always trust our training, our services, our work and our word.

Friendly bunch

We care as much about people as we do about numbers.

We don’t just teach, we don’t just manage ads and we don’t just spit out results. We support, guide, engage and encourage. We treat people with respect, kindness and friendliness no matter who they are or what they need help with.

Do it better

We do things the right way even if it’s the hard way.

We want to solve problems, create better outcomes and raise the bar for ourselves and our industry. We’re always looking for new ways and new solutions and we love learning as much as we love teaching.

Have you met a Google Ads specialist like that before?

Meet the team

Kaity Griffin Google Ads specialist headshot


Founder + Head Google Ads Trainer

Founder of the Google Ads specialist agency kaitygriffin.com— Kaity teaches digital marketers, agency teams and business owners how to cut through the tricky tech and use advanced strategies to create seriously profitable Google Ads.

A leader in the Google Ads space, Kaity is Google certified marketer and has a marketing degree. Since falling in love with the numbers, strategy and systems behind Google Ads she has pointed her ambition and drive towards helping other brands and marketers harness the power of ads to grow their own businesses.

At kaitygriffin.com she has created the most comprehensive, practical, helpful and enjoyable Google Ads training, courses and offers on the market. And she spends her days staying up to date with the evolving technology, best practices and innovative techniques to help marketers and agencies get the most out of everything that Google Ads can offer.

When she’s not knee-deep in ads land or geeking out on spreadsheets, you can find her being a personal servant to three delightful kids. She’s a hopeless homebody with no desire to travel or do anything but be with family, drink kombucha, listen to a pop culture podcast or relax to a soothing episode of Real Housewives. And a final fun fact? The only cheese she will eat is halloumi, don’t be at her with recommendations, she’s tried (and hated) them all.

Headshot of Caitlin Grau, Google Ads specialist at Kaity Griffin


Head of Ads + Google Ads Trainer

After working with Caitlin at a former agency, Kaity knew she needed her on team Kaity and finally secured her talented brain in 2020.

As Head of Ads, Caitlin has gone from a successful career in Graphic Design to managing millions of dollars a year in Google Ads spend for kaitygriffin.com clients.

With her tenacious attitude and creative problem solving, Caitlin is a Google Ads specialist to her clever core and the one you want on your side when there’s a complex challenge to unravel or a new ads feature to investigate.

Caitlin also hosts weekly student support calls inside Profitable Promotion and will usually be the friendly fingers typing out responses to your emails.

When she’s not knee-deep in testing the newest BETAs or sifting through a G Sheet of data, you can find her ruthlessly stealing the last of your wheat in Settlers of Catan or tending to her OTT veggie garden.

Hannah Jones of Google Ads Specialist agency Kaity Griffin


Google Ads Specialist + Trainer

Hannah joined Team Kaity in 2021 as a former Profitable Promotion student. The team were reluctant to hire a non-Kaitlyn/Caitlin but her interview convinced the team to expand their hiring policies.

Hannah brings over a decade of digital marketing experience to Team Kaity. She’s a whiz with the tech and automation, a master at implementing systems and she gets a real kick out of driving profitable results for clients and students.

Inside Profitable Promotion, Hannah heads up Facebook support busily guiding the next gen of Google Ads specialists, and you’ll also see her friendly face on most student support calls.

When she’s not spouting the benefits of Google Ads to anyone that will listen, she’s hatching plans to build a commune with her best friends or doing make up with her two daughters.

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