Hey you. I'm Kaity.
I'm really good at ads.

I’m a Google Ads whiz, Kardashian aficionado and kombucha lovin’ lady from Melbourne, Australia. 

When I’m not wrangling two muddy kids, I’m knee deep in ads land, working with clients like Snuggle Hunny Kids and Kettle & Fire. 

I also teach businesses and marketers how to profitably use Google Ads so you can kiss goodbye overwhelm and tech-overload when it comes to running paid ads. 

I have a knack of breaking down totally confusing concepts (hello, Google Ads!) and letting you in on the trade secrets I use with my 7 figure clients. 

Well dang, tell me more.

In a past life, I had my own e-commerce store selling health food products. 

My website was good, my product range was A+. 

I had a huge problem though. 

I didn’t know how to get people to my site!

I tried SEO, but I didn’t really see much return on investment. All I did see each month was a confusing report that didn’t make sense to me and another $1k down the drain. Know the feeling? 

Anyway, I discovered this thing called ‘AdWords’ and quickly became hooked. I spent months teaching myself the platform and tech and managed to patch things together. 

It worked. My sales skyrocketed. 

I feel head over heels in love with paid ads and decided to sell that biz, move over to agency land and was lucky enough to work with top notch brands like Showpo, Swimwear Galore and Brian Tracy. 

Second bub came along and I realised my true passion was teaching small businesses and marketers how to use Google Ads, so I thought – hot dang! Let me create the course of all courses about that. 

So I did. 


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