“When you think of your brand, you’ve got to be looking at what your mission is, what your vision is, what your values are, what your the ideal customer, your tone of voice and what is the look and feel, which is usual the last part of your strategy, but also another critical part, is your messaging.”

Why is being consistent across your platforms, having a clear brand strategy and nailing your brand on Instagram so important? Understanding how to brand and market your business effectively is one of the trickier parts of owning a business and converting sales. Having a brand strategy allows you to be clear about your brand and your marketing so that dream customers instantly connect with you.

In today’s episode we have Kristy Dinuzzo who is a brand and marketing strategist, who’s obsessed with helping female founders gain clarity and confidence around their brand and marketing.  With over a decade of marketing, branding and advertising experience Kristy knows a thing or two when it comes to creating a stand-out brand. After running her own successful 6-figure e-commerce business, with a passion for the start-up phase and looking for a fresh challenge, Kristy started Secret Sauce Agency in late 2019 where she utilises her unique blend of marketing, branding and advertising experience along with her passion for teaching, to help businesses nail their branding and marketing strategies.

In this chat, we will be talking about how to nail your branding on Instagram, the difference between service based and ecommerce businesses on Instagram and in brand strategy in general and how Kristy has experience across both types of business. Kristy also shares her strategy for warming up leads via the DMs, keeping your ‘link in bio’ system simple and so much more.

Let’s jump in! 

  • Why Kristy started Secret Sauce Agency

  • What is a brand strategy and why we need one

  • Key tips on how to drive brand strategy on social media

  • Why a consistent website is just as important as your social media content for the customer journey and sales conversion

  • Why Kristy focuses on Instagram bios

  • A reminder that your products or services need to be high quality & targeted at the right audience ie. ‘you can’t polish a turd…’

  • What are the main differences between ecommerce and service-based business when it comes to content pillars and brand strategy

  • What are content pillars

  • An insight into starting a business on Instagram before having a website setup

  • Why Kristy prefers DMs over a linking system on Instagram

  • A strategic approach to the ‘link in bio’ on Instagram

  • What it was like for Kristy transitioning from an e-commerce business to a service-based business


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