Google Ads VIP Package


Want to jump our client management waitlist and get a massive does of Google Ads strategy, optimisation and training?

Look no further than our VIP Package where you get 6 hours of our Google Ads expertise optimising your account PLUS 3 x 30 minute strategy sessions to coach you on how to manage the account moving forward.

This is the perfect hybrid approach between outsourcing and DIYing your ads management.

One member of Team Kaity (aka the Google Ads Experts) will dedicate 6 hours of their time, split over two consecutive days, working their magic inside your account.

Kaity Griffin Google Ads VIP Package


Here’s what you’ll get:

“The team has been really great to work with over the last 4 years or so. Super responsive and active on our account.”


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Here’s some of what we can achieve within the 6 hours:

  • Analysing account performance and restructuring your campaigns to enhance profitability
  • Setting up Performance Max campaigns using best practice settings
  • Fixing your conversion tracking
  • Optimising your ad account
  • Implementing scripts and autorules to layer across automation on top of your ad account
  • Setting up a supplemental feed in Google Merchant centre and optimising your top performing products

We won’t get ALL of that done during the 6 hours, but that’s a taste of some of the things we can work on. Exact priorities will be determined in the first 30 minute call.

Who is our VIP Package for?

  • This is for you if you’re in that limbo space between outsourcing your ads and DIY-ing it.
  • You’re not quite ready to hand the keys of your account over to an agency, but you need a big dose of expert strategy and analysis to improve the performance of your ads
  • This is NOT for brand new ad accounts – we need some juicy data to sink our teeth into to make the most of the Package.


$2,000 USD

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Keen? Let’s do this.