“Coming back from the second child, I actually experienced, what I call, the maternal world bias happening in the corporate company that I worked for which is really not about my capacity as a mother (…) but they just felt that for some reason now that I have children, I’m not as capable as I was before.”


Imagine a world where women would have to sometimes choose their family over their career… Oh wait, we’re living in this kind of world! Starting a family and also keeping your career going should be a compatible way of living, however, some companies don’t see this issue women face and choose to ignore it. For women who find themselves not being as valued in their jobs after they start having kids, it’s a breaking point where they decide to change something, and some of them even start their own businesses in order to create a life where family and work go hand in hand.


Today’s guests Jessica Osborn. She is a business coach and marketing consultant for female coaches, consultants, and service professionals who want to grow and scale their business while achieving the lifestyle they aspire to. As an active host of the 1,000-strong online business community My Tribe, Jessica shows her passion for supporting women to overcome limiting beliefs, command their worth and succeed in business. Over the last 10 years, Jessica has also founded two successful online businesses of her own. 


In this episode, we will be talking about how to develop that ideal customer avatar,  how to pivot your messaging during this time of uncertainty, Jess will also give great advice on how to go easy on yourself when you don’t feel as productive as you normally are and much more.

Let’s jump in! 




  • Who is Jessica Osborn and what she does
  • How Jess got into coaching other service based businesses
  • Are women still finding it difficult to come back to work after having kids
  • How to get around having young kids and building your business
  • How to separate home life and work life when working from home
  • Jess’s advice on structuring your work day
  • Online tools recommendations for planning
  • The process behind figuring out who your ideal client is
  • Resources to help you build your ideal client avatar
  • Do businesses need to pivot their marketing messaging during the pandemic



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