“When I was having trouble with my dog who was barking excessively all day, I was really stuck about what to do, and we, by chance, met a neighbour who had a puppy who was also under 12 month old, and the two of us were able to team up and help one another out with taking the turns to do walking, morning and evening. And also letting the two dogs share the backyard and hang out. And that night we moved away after around 12 months of this great arrangement, and I was left thinking ‘how would I get this to happen again’, other than, like, knocking on people’s door like a total weirdo.”

Having a pet dog is a big responsibility. They require a lot of time looking after them and they need constant exercise. And what if you have a busy work life that leaves a little amount of time to look after yourself, your family and your cuddly friends? Jess Janson came up with an answer to this problem. Her company Dog Share is Australia’s first dog sharing website designed to connect busy dog owners and lovers with other like-minded people to share their responsibilities of walking and socialising dogs. This idea was born when she realised that her dog needed additional exercise and companionship while she was with her kids or working.

In today’s episode, Kaity will be talking with Jess about how she used PR to get a lot of new customers, her company’s journey and the very expensive mistake she made early on in her career.
Let’s get started!



  • – What DogShare is about
  • – What made Jess to decide to make her idea into a business
  • – How many like-minded members Jess got in six months
  • – What kind of technology Jess used for the matchmaking on her website
  • – What mistake Jess done at the start of her business
  • – Mistakes bring you to the point you are now
  • – Did starting a new business hardened Jess’s skills that she has now
  • – How to choose a developer to come along on a journey with you
  • – What marketing strategies Jess used to attract clients
  • – How Jess got featured on TV
  • – How long it took to see results after hiring a PR professional
  • – How any new members Jess got after hiring a PR professional
  • – How Jess monetizes her services
  • – You have little control when using PR
  • – You need to be smart and careful with the press
  • – How do you control negative messages about your business on other channels
  • – Would Jess start a new business if she knew what roadblocks are waiting for her along the way
  • – Jess’s advice for someone who’s starting a business



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