“What we’d produced for children was so incredibly niche, and in order to get to a point where I could pay myself a wage, I was going to need to do something else. I was still getting lots and lots of emails, and at this point I was still going to markets and I was talking to customers all the time… So I was talking to a lot of parents and their children we’re coming up and saying ‘Oh we love your shoes, it’s like walking on air and they wouldn’t wear anything else’ then the parents would say ‘I want what the kids have got!’”

    In today’s episode we have Jane Robertson the owner & founder of Millwoods Shoes. Millwoods was conceived when founder and mum of three, Jane, saw a need for gorgeous children’s footwear that didn’t break the bank. Realising she wasn’t the only Mum seeking out fashionable yet practical shoes for her little ones, Jane set out to design a range of high quality shoes that are beautiful, affordable and most of all comfortable. And so, Millwoods was born. It wasn’t long before mums also began to crave the same style and comfort as their kids, and Jane went back to the design board to bring to life a women’s range of stylish, fashion forward and ultra-comfortable women’s shoes. Perfect for the mum on her feet, to a casual catch up or elevated office wear, Millwoods shoes have become a timeless and versatile addition to any wardrobe. Being regionally based in Wagga Wagga NSW (her excuse for many late night online shopping antics), Jane has worked to deliver an online shopping experience that takes the guesswork out of kids shoe sizing. Millwoods handy (may we say ingenious) printable PDF designed to accurately measure little feet. It’s our promise to you that Millwoods will continue designing and crafting beautiful, high quality shoes that reflect a brand that is fun, durable and affordable, backed up with outstanding customer service and a wonderful shopping experience.

    In this chat, we will be talking about starting a product-based business, handling design, manufacturing and importing. The importance of supporting regional and Aus based business coupled with the realities of manufacturing. How hard those first few years really can be and how naivety can be your ally when starting a business. Plus the way Jane has diversified, found her customers and found success.

    Let’s jump in! 


    • What made Jane want to start a shoe range

    • What it feels like to invest everything in your business

    • The difference in market between creating kids shoes vs shoes for women

    • The downfall of designing a product for your own needs

    • How Jane found her customers

    • Her view on commitment, hardwork & serendipity

    • How has Covid impacted the business

    • How Facebook ads changed the game for Millwoods

    • About Jane’s passion for supporting business in regional Australia


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