A lot of people that don’t do it, say that we just get paid for everything. I think that’s definitely a big misconception. They think that every job we’re posting, we’re getting paid for, which is definitely not the case. Especially at the moment, and when the bushfires were happening as well. That was a time where a lot of brands were like, we don’t want to do brand marketing. And currently a lot of brands don’t have the budget to do marketing […], which is why I’m doing a couple more unpaid jobs than I was, just because I know they are small businesses and it’s nice to help them out.”

  • Influencer marketing is a popular way for businesses to attract new customers. However, when we talk about influencer marketing, we usually concentrate on the benefits the businesses get from it, and rarely talk about it from the influencer’s perspective.

    Today’s guest is Charis Uppal from Sydney, Australia. She is a fashion, travel and lifestyle influencer and also an eCommerce business owner. As an influencer she loves working with brands that have a message to share and fit with the aesthetics of her feed. She has worked with brands such as Sass and Bide, Revolve, Next AU, just to name a few.

    In this episode, we will be talking about how to pitch for an influencer as a brand and how to work with the influencers in a way that is authentic and doesn’t feel like a spammy ad, what sort of things go in the background of creating content and what makes it a successful collaboration for both the brand and the influencer and so much more.

    Let’s jump in! 



    • Brief introduction of Charis and what she does

    • Did Charis organically grow her following?

    • What’s the best way to organically grow your following

    • What was the process of getting involved in starting to work in influencer partnerships

    • How Charis negotiated her first collaborations with brands

    • How does Charis decide is she wants to partner with a brand

    • Do brands need to approach Charis directly or through her manager

    • Do influencers get any insights or statistics from the brands on how the collaboration worked out

    • Should brands proactively provide feedback to the influencers?

    • Tips for new brands starting influencer marketing

    • Do influencers have freedom in creating their content or is it a more restrictive process

    • How Charis manages the ratio of paid and unpaid content on her feed

    • Does Charis get any negative comments and how she deals with them

    • Did Charis have any bad collaborations that she wouldn’t do again

    • Do influencers need to sent the content to the brands for an approval

    • What are the biggest misconceptions about influencers?

    • What impact COVID-19 had on influencers

    • What pushed Charis on having her own fashion brand Silk Wolfe

    • How Charis finds balance between being an influencer and managing her own business

    • Does Charis use influencers to promote her brand?

    • What are the strategies on having engagement on paid content

    • What makes a great brand pitch to an influencer





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