“I optimize everything to make sure that I’m getting better results each time, and that’s what you need to do with your ads all the time as well.”

  • This month I celebrate one year of having my business so I decided to do a recap of how this year went for me. I’ll be talking about how much I’ve spent on ads, what I’ve invested in, how I’ve built my business and what were the key lessons and some of the takeaways. 

    Sunday Digital is my digital marketing agency. We specialise in Google Ads, and I also have an online course where I teach small businesses how to grow profitably using Google Ads. As a digital marketing agency we look at businesses from a holistic perspective and develop a tailored approach to reach business owners’ goals.


    DISCLAIMER: I’m very conscious of the fact that this episode is coming out at a time where a lot of people are facing real business hardships. This episode is not meant to make you feel like your business is less than or that you are not worthy. However, I will be talking about revenue numbers, so if you recently lost your job or your business is struggling, it might be not the right time to listen to this episode.

    Let’s jump in! 



    • What is Sunday Digital about

    • Why Kaity started her business

    • How Google Ads course was born

    • What is the course about

    • What Kaity did to build her email list at the start of her business

    • Key lessons that Kaity learned

    • How Kaity gets new clients

    • What is stopping ads from being effective

    • What Kaity invested in

    • Platforms she uses for her business

    • What Kaity is looking to invest in the future

    • Next steps Kaity will take to grow her business



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