Google Ads Account Audit

Have an ad account but you’re pretty sure things could be doing a whole lot better?

Using an agency but you’d love a second set of eyes on things to validate your gut feeling that things just aren’t quite good enough?

Currently running your own ads but feel like you need some expert recommendations?

Oh hey, you’re in the perfect place! Get Google Ads help with a Google Ads Audit.

Headshot of Kaity Griffin, Google Ads specialist


Here’s what an account audit looks like:

“I just wanted to say thank you SO much for this.

The points in the audit were exactly what I was looking for. I watched half just before I went on Christmas break and the other half today. I have implemented a lot, and almost immediately, the cost per conv, CTR, and conv rate improved immensely. I need to rewatch the core search video again and go back over everything, but this has been a HUGE help!

Thank you – you are wonderful 🙏 (and for fitting me in so quickly!).”


Laptop screen open to conduct a google ads audit

Here are just some of the things we tackle during the Google Ads audit process:

  • Tech issues
    There’s usually something funky going on with the tech bits and pieces. During most audits we discover that conversion tracking isn’t up to scratch (meaning your conversion data is inaccurate) – but don’t worry, that’s fixable.

  • Account structure
    Recommendations on whether your current campaign structure is working for you, and if it’s not, what we suggest instead

  • Optimisation opportunities
    Tips to optimise your existing performance, reduce wasted adspend and improve your conversion metrics

What you get

You’ll receive a thorough review of your Google Ads account plus a video report detailing our tips, findings and recommendations.

Google Ads help that’s actually helpful!