Kaity Griffin

  • How to look after your Ads once they’re up and running

    How to look after your Ads once they’re up and running

    You’ve cleverly crafted ads based on keywords that you’ve researched for relevance and reach.  Your campaign structure and strategy is on point, with ad groups that make sense for your business. The budget has been agreed upon and assigned.  Now what? Surely there’s nothing to do now but wait for the influx of customers you […]


  • why you can't just set and forget your Google Ads

    Why you can’t just ‘set and forget’ your Google Ads

    A few years ago now (around 2018, to be precise), Google realised that it needed to be more accessible to the average business. Easier to understand, easier to use and basically no bother at all. Prior to this, it’s reputation was that it was too techy (see my blog here about that one) and overwhelming […]


  • The Great thing about Google Ads Being so Tech-y

    The great thing about Google Ads being so tech-y

    A few years ago there was a lot of buzz in the marketing world about this thing called ‘Big Data’. The hype was real. It probably still is to be honest but I’ve tuned it out. The premise behind it was that you need as much information about your customers as possible in order to […]