Google Ads Tech Set Up

Oh the dreaded tech.

There’s no way around it, you need to have your tech ducks in a row when you set up Google Ads.

Unfortunately, most ad accounts don’t have the right tech elements setup, which means that the data you’re seeing in your Google Ads account isn’t accurate.

The good news? We can fix that!

Kaity Griffin at her desk smiling because she helped someone setup Google Ads tech
Person using mobile phone to set up Google Ads

All the Google Ads setup inclusions

We offer a tech setup for those with Shopify and WordPress sites. If you’re on a different platform, please get in touch before purchasing.

Here’s what we cover in a standard tech setup:

  • Perform a tech audit to see what accounts are currently set up

  • Set up the various accounts based on what has already been setup (Analytics, GTM, Google Merchant Centre)

  • Turn off auto-apply recommendations

  • Link Google Analytics to Google Ads

  • Link Google Merchant Center with Google Ads

  • Enable merchant promos in GMC

  • Add Google Analytics code

  • Add Google Tag Manager to your site

  • Set up dynamic remarketing (Shopify only)

  • Set up your audience lists

  • Check your remarketing lists are populating

  • Generate your product feed (for one country)

  • Set up your conversion actions

  • Enable enhanced conversion tracking (Shopify only)

Here’s what is not included in the tech setup:

  • Setting up your Google Ads account. We want you to retain ownership of your ad account so this is the only account you’ll need to set up for yourself. It should take around 5 minutes and we can send through a training video if you’re not sure. You = set up Google Ads account; We = set up Google Ads tech-y bits.

  • Adding UTM parameters (this isn’t included as standard, but if you need it done – just sing out)
  • Ongoing optimisation, 1:1 calls or coaching (if you’re looking for that, go here)


Here’s what a tech set up looks like:

“Your responsiveness, thoroughness and attention to detail gives us the trust to be the right partners for all our ad accounts.”


What you get

You’ll get all the Google Ads tech setup, done for you.