“First, looking at some of your competitors, seeing what they’re using . Of course, don’t just copy their whole hashtag set because it’s not always gonna work for you the same way it works for them.”

Most of the business owners find social media complicated and time consuming. Social media marketing is something that needs to be consistent and well thought out. While some struggle with it themselves, others turn to social media marketing agencies that love social media intricacies and can really help their clients to engage their audience and bring in new customers. 

In today’s episode we have Chelsea Berman, an owner or Blossom Media, a social media marketing agency. Chelsea dropped out of her university course to pursue a career in marketing. While working for other companies like Mogrify and SBJ Studios she gradually built her own business and now she is solely working on it. With vast experience in marketing she is now helping other ecommerce business owners with their social media marketing. AND if that wouldn’t be enough, Chelsea is also a singer and a songwriter.

In this chat, we will be talking about how to maximize your Instagram account for really great results, how Chelsie combines Instagram with Facebook Ads advertising, what it’s like to be a young entrepreneur and much more.

Let’s jump in! 




  • Who is Chelsea and what she does

  • What is Chelsea’s goal to be a young business owner

  • How Chelsea transitioned from social media marketing as a hobby to a business

  • How she develops marketing strategies for different clients

  • What are the main differences in running a social media account for ecommerce and service-based business

  • How to get your post mix on your social feed right

  • What kind of quotes work for Instagram

  • What to look for in your insights

  • How to do a hashtag research

  • A third party apps that Chelsea recommends for beginners

  • Are DMs a really important part of Instagram strategy

  • Does DMing increases your visibility on Instagram

  • 3 main tips for having a successful Instagram account

  • Is Instagram followers quality more important than their quantity

  • How does Chelsea combine Instagram strategy side with Facebook side

  • Does Chelsea manage both Instagram and Facebook for all of her clients

  • Things you should be doing with Facebook Ads

  • How to create Facebook and Instagram Ads correctly

  • Has being a young entrepreneur have an impact on Chelsea’s friendships

  • What are the best and the worst things about running a business



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