• Why Facebook & Instagram can’t be your whole marketing strategy

    Facebook + Instagram

    If I’m being transparent, I use Facebook and Instagram ads quite heavily in my own business. You may even be reading this right now as a result of the marketing I do there.   But I think it’s time we have a real honest chit chat about why you shouldn’t just rely on Zuckerberg to […]


  • Run paid ads for less than an hour a week

    Run Paid ads in less time

    It’s human nature to assume that things we don’t know how to do are hard. That’s because when we are first learning something, it often is hard. And time consuming, while you figure it all out. Google Ads is no different. It looks intimidating, and initially you’ll want someone to guide you while you learn […]


  • How to take the overwhelm out of Google Ads

    take the overwhelm out of Google Ads

    Here’s something I hear a lot from small biz owners and over-stretched digital marketers – “I get that I should be doing Google Ads but I just find it so overwhelming. I don’t understand anything when I log in..” And then the convo goes one of three ways: “So I just set up a smart […]