‘It’s ok to set business and personal boundaries. Boundaries have always been a weak spot of mine, because I’m a people pleaser. Being the business owner you will get a lot of people trying to push those boundaries, whether it’s client scope creep or wanting you to respond to emails really quickly… More on the course and student side of things, I had to really learn that it’s ok to not respond to queries over the weekend. It’s not so much other people putting pressure on me it was that I was putting those expectations on myself.’

Today’s episode is a solo one with me, Kaity, sharing 10 lessons I’ve learned in 2020, and is our last one for the year. Let’s jump in! 


  • Taking time for yourself

  • Not making everyone happy

  • The value of hiring a team member

  • Social media can be fun

  • It’s ok to set boundaries

  • Launching the podcast has been fun!

  • Work with people you enjoy working with

And more!

I hope you have a lovely summer break and enjoy whatever celebrations you may have, see you in 2021.



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