“A group coaching program is different to a mastermind. A group coaching program usually you’ll have pre-recorded videos and sometimes there will be some element of live support. In my program for example there’s a lot of live support whereas some courses are what you’d call an evergreen type course where there’s no actual live support from the person teaching you.” Today’s episode is a solo ep with me, Kaity Griffin, talking about choosing to work with a coach or joining a mastermind. I touch on the differences and benefits or 1:1 coaching, group coaching and masterminds and my experiences being a part of and also creating each kind. Let’s jump in! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE:

  • The difference between group coaching, masterminds & 1:1 coaching
  • What to look for in a mastermind & what is a mastermind
  • Potential downsides of a mastermind
  • What is 1:1 coaching and how is beneficial
  • How do make sure you get the most out of coaching
  • The difference between group coaching and 1:1 coaching
  • How to know what programs to choose



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