“One of the biggest challenges of starting your own business versus being an employee is being accountable to yourself that you’ve created a business for a reason and it’s always remembering that reason. And for me it was that I wanted to help small and medium business owners achieve better results online and the other thing was flexibility. I didn’t start my business to be working after-hours in my business, to be working at 9pm at night or on Saturday or Sunday. It did take a little while to figure that out but once I did and keep reminding myself of that, it’s that that helps you make those decisions.”

In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Alison Wheeler, Paid Social Specialist and founder of Society State.

With over 12 year’s experience as a generalist and digital marketer, working in-house for a range of businesses including Australian beauty-care brand Natio, the Territory Insurance Office, Sole Motive (the brand behind Run Melbourne) and more, Ali has developed extensive experience creating and implementing solid marketing strategies. Over the past five years, Ali has focused her experience on digital marketing and Facebook Advertising, falling in love with an ever-changing digital landscape and the results-driven advertising platform. Society State was founded in 2017 by Ali, after reaching a point in her career where she knew her skills, knowledge and advice could have a BIGGER impact working with a variety of authentic and unique brands. 

Let’s jump in! 


  • How every client is different when it comes to social advertising

  • Going freelance to gain more control & make a real impact for clients

  • Bridging the leap into full time business ownership with working part time

  • The challenge of creating boundaries around work, when you work for yourself

  • Common mistakes folks make when running social ads

  • Why your business needs to be ready for social ads

  • Benefits of outsourcing support vs DIY-ing 

  • Benefits of DIY social ads


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