“The idea being that it attracted customers because it was beautiful, but it had the benefit of being natural and happened to be better for your skin!”

In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Joanna Lehndorf, Founder and Creator of LOVESKIN.

In her former working life Jo was a Police Officer and Forensic Photographer. After leaving Police she became a Real Estate Photographer in a franchise business, but always wanted to create something that was truly her own. She didn’t set out to create a skincare business, but that came after she started experimenting with making her own skincare in around 2013. After a couple of years making it for herself and friends, she decided to launch a website and it grew from there. 

Let’s jump in! 


  • Jo’s business being born out of discovering how to fix her own skin

  • How a career plus early motherhood rut encouraged Jo to re-imagine her work

  • Using the skills you have to just get started knowing it won’t be perfect but it works for now

  • Having a clear idea of your ideal customer and figuring out where to find them

  • Deciding when and how to outsource and what happens when it goes wrong

  • How online courses and coaching supported a 540% growth in a year



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