• “Looking at location of students, 57 out of the 87, were in Australia, so that’s 65%, 5 were in New Zealand so nearly 6%, 11 in the UK, 12.6%, 3 in Canada, 3.5% and 10 in the US, 11.5%. So overall 65% in Australia and 35% elsewhere. So the location of my students has predominantly been Australia but with a good chuck from overseas which is really great.”  

    Today’s episode is a solo one with me, Kaity, sharing my a detailed debrief on my most recent course launch, how it compares to previous launches, what I’ve done differently or improved and the exact breakdown of revenue. I hope you’ll find it helpful to peek behind the curtain.

    Let’s jump in! 


    • Going through the numbers of my full launch process 

    • My actual revenue & profit numbers

    • The impacting factors that made my most recent launch so successful

    • Reasons for doing an early bird pre-sale to a waitlist

    • The reality of mailing list conversion rates

    • Using a mini course as a ‘sales funnel’

    • Percentage of students who took up each of the sign up options

    • Understanding the warm segment 

    • What is ‘earnings per lead’

    • Warm traffic vs cold traffic percentages

    • Elements I changed / improved upon for this launch

    • The power of word of mouth referrals & testimonials from previous students


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