“Google Ads strength lies in when people are in the middle of the funnel or in the bottom of the funnel. Whereas it is usually too expensive to acquire a new customer if someone is in the top of the funnel because you have to go after really research’y based terms. For example if I’m trying to target people who want to learn how to do Google Ads, I might have to bid on keywords such as ‘What is google ads?’. Now that’s someone at the top of the funnel, they’re not quite product or solution aware yet, they’re just asking a general question.”

Today’s episode is a solo ep with me, Kaity Griffin, with some quick tips on comparing FB/social and Google Ads.

I touch on the differences and benefits of each and how to approach them differently.

Let’s jump in! 


  • Where the strength of google ads lie in the sales funnel
  • Where the strength of facebook/social ads lie in the sales funnel
  • Interruption style marketing vs solutions seeking marketing
  • The different types of creative for each
  • The different types of targeting for each
  • Which works best and in what scenario?

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