“When you’re a contractor there’s that pressure to perform every single day, it’s not the same as an employee. So I was doing that, then on my days off I was hoping and praying that the kids would have a long nap so I could get some work done and then we were packing orders at night!”

In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Steph Pryor, Founder / Owner of MontiiCo.

Steph has an IT background – working as a Business analyst in software development companies. After having her second son she didn’t want to continue with the commute to Brisbane, and also didn’t want to work part time so she decided to start a business. It started with just Steph working while her kids napped and pottering around a little at night. Her husband packed the orders. They now have 2 warehouses and 9 staff on their payroll. Their products are stocked in over 300 stores within Australia and internationally in 17 countries. 

Let’s jump in! 


  • How covid has encouraged more shared parenting responsibilities & opened up opportunities

  • Balancing parenting, a contract role and the start up business phase

  • Bootstrapping a product based business

  • Benefit of having a supportive & calm partner

  • Approaching wholesalers & building relationships with stockists

  • How the business has expanded to have two warehouses, 9 staff and 300 stockists

  • Getting support as the business grows

  • The impact of covid on the supply chain

  • What’s next for Lunch Punch and Monti Co


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