“What is critical and pretty different about conversion copywriters, is that we will interview your audience. Through sending out surveys or interviewing them directly, we’ll do 5ish interviews with people who bought your product or really importantly people who didn’t buy your product. So we can understand why they’re buying your product, what attracted them to your product, what need your product is filling and in the case of people who didn’t buy, what objections stopped them from buying. So we can really understand the psychology of your current customers and your potential customers and what has motivated them enough to buy it.”

In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Aja Stuart, a launch copywriter.

Aja Stuart writes powerfully persuasive launch copy that helps online entrepreneurs build empires and grow their impact (while showing up as their weird and wonderful selves).  Aja’s copy is a masterclass in online relationship building. Using a mix of customer data (fun!), empathy and persuasive storytelling, she gets all the right people blow-their-tops hyped over amazing offers and brilliant creators.  When she’s not weaving wordy magic, Aja galivants about the Blue Mountains, Australia with her partner and two extremely noisy-but-cute kiddos.

Let’s jump in!


  • The difference between content writing and copywriting
  • What is conversion copywriting VS traditional copywriting
  • The drawbacks of using templates for copywriting
  • Drawing in the right people and repelling the wrong people with copy
  • How Aja tracks results for her customers
  • When’s the best time in your launch process to engage a copywriter?
  • How to find the best copywriter for you and your business


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