‘One of the things I’ve loved the most about working with small businesses, is you can see that your ideas, your strategies, the campaigns that you’re putting together and bringing to life – make an impact, almost instantly, with these businesses. Whereas with the bigger agency side, it was really hard, I definitely felt like a number. It was a great experience but I didn’t really feel like I was making an impact.’

In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Hayley Clinch, Digital Marketer for busy peeps.

I’m a tee shirt and jeans kind of gal, with three beautiful kids and a full-time digital marketing business. When I was little, I wanted to be an interior designer, but somehow wound up in a high-powered media agency instead, running marketing campaigns, handling TV ads, and explaining social media to guys in suits. Fast-forward a few years (okay, more than a few) and Grevillea was born. Now I work for myself, helping small businesses and juggling the school and kinder run.

Let’s jump in! 


  • Hayley’s experience working with an agency before going out on her own
  • The struggles that bigger companies faced/face transitioning to digital marketing
  • How working for corporate agency wasn’t conducive for having a young family
  • Creating a business that creates the flexibility for your lifestyle and family
  • Benefits of LinkedIn
  • Content ideas for LinkedIn & Experimenting with LinkedIn Ads
  • Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t me you need to jump on the bandwagon straight away
  • How to focus on building your business rather than a raging social media account


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