‘The reality is that if you’re starting off as a business coach, you don’t need a full bells and whistles website. You need somewhere you can make appointments, somewhere you can get in touch, something that has everything you need. But if you go too big you can over capitalise at an early stage of your business.  When really it would be sufficient to get those automations happening, get those emails coming through.’

In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Fiona Smallwood, the Digital Wingwoman! 

Fiona lives in Western Australia with her husband, daughter and Harry the dog near the beach in Freo. If she was only allowed to have one food forever it would be peanut butter. Fiona has Crohn’s disease and spent about 20 years feeling unwell and being a prisoner to it. She’s had more surgery than she’d care to remember. Thankfully she’s been well for about 10 years now. Crohn’s disease robbed Fiona of her fertility but gave her, her life’s greatest gift, one daughter.  She’s a chatter and loves deep and meaningful conversations and bloody LOVES her job….and it is only the beginning. 

Let’s jump in! 


  • Getting ‘enough’ from your business
  • Navigating parenting and running your own business
  • Fiona’s transition into taking her business seriously
  • The reality of have Crohn’s disease and the complications it creates
  • Fiona’s offerings and direction for the business
  • How Fiona upskilled in her business
  • Advice on how to choose what course to invest in


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