In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Lisa Byrne, with a twist on the usual podcast style. This week Kaity will be the interviewee and shares a deeper dive into how her business runs, how she manages her course delivery, her maternity leave plans and then ongoing ‘mum life’ and business blend.

Today’s guest host is Lisa Byrne, who helps women entrepreneurs grow their ecommerce businesses by strengthening their marketing foundations and by streamlining their marketing. Her coaching style is very unique in that it’s 1:1 and personalised, and women have unlimited access to her and they can thrive knowing that they are really supported.

Let’s jump in! 


  • How Kaity birthed her google ads course
  • Kaity’s clarity around knowing to go down a course based business model
  • Kaity’s approach to getting her first ever course clients
  • Automation & delegating to not waste time
  • What does Kaitys week look like?
  • Switching off period during for maternity leave
  • Mum guilt & the constant negotiation between life and work


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