“With the paid influencers we can automatically see the results immediately and that will be a combination. If we are promoting our app, we’ll get a massive spike in downloads. Same with sales. And if we offer promo codes or discounts, we’ll see how many times the codes have been used. We’ll also see the amount of impressions we’ve got or the influencer will see the amount of impressions they received from their posts.”


Social media opens great opportunities for promoting small businesses. Influencers are on a rise and one of the best ways to get your product seen. However, starting working with them can feel intimidating at first, especially when there are so many unanswered questions like ‘how much it will cost me?’ and ‘how will I keep track of these collaborations?’. 

Today’s guest is Yuki. Yuki and her husband own Pocket Prints, a photo printing business based in Melbourne, Australia. They created an app that lets people get their photos, stored on their devices or social media sites, printed in high quality and delivered to their doorstep. Yuki’s main business promotion tool is influencer outreach and she has a lot of insight on how to use this powerful tool.

In this episode, we cover two influencer strategies, talk about do’s and don’ts when it comes to influencer outreach, what to actually look for in influencer, how to measure your return investment and whether she had any success using third party influencer platforms and more


What is Pocket Prints and how it got started

How Yuki promotes Pocket Prints

Three promotion strategies Yuki uses on Instagram

At what point in their business journey Yuki started working with influencers and how it impacted their business growth

What mistakes Yuki did when she first started working with influencers

How Yuki chooses influencers to work with and what are the key criterias

Do you need to reach out to the influencer before sending stuff

The difference between gift and paid promo strategy

Prices of paid influencers

What are the prices for big influencers

How Yuki discovers new influencers

About third-party influencer search

Can gifted strategy help grow your business

What percentage of influencers would say ‘yes’ to a gifted strategy

What kind of promotion can you get from the influencers when using paid strategy

How to measure the return investment when working with influencers

Does Yuki collaborate with influencers who get in touch with her

Yuki’s advice to someone who’s thinking about contacting influencers

Do you need to evaluate the influencers’ engagement before getting in touch with them

Does Yuki do all the influencer work herself 



Pocket Prints website: https://app.pocketprints.com.au/

Smart Online Marketing: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2377639155855199/

Kaity on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaitygriffin_/


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