“When I had that full mindset shift of how much value I’m actually adding to people, it also then helped me to boost my confidence with how much I’m actually doing for my clients. I went back and saw how much money I was generating for my clients through my Facebook Ads and Google Ads, and I just went ‘Holy crap Jess, you’re actually really good at what you do’ and I allowed myself to pat myself on the back and acknowledge that I’m actually worth this amount.”

In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Jess Shipton, Digital & Social Media Marketer.

Jess is a digital and social media marketer who lives in Sydney, Australia. She has been running her online business for over three years now, specialising in Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads. During this time, Jess has worked with over 70+ small businesses in managing their paid ads and providing 1:1 coaching. At the core of everything, Jess is passionate about people. She loves cheering others on in their journey and getting in their corner to encourage them to believe in their goals and dreams. In her spare time, Jess loves to write on her blog Smile Without Reason and spend time socialising with friends and family.

Let’s jump in! 


  • How to find community when you’re an extroverted biz owner
  • Having the confidence to start your own business
  • Being a young entrepreneur
  • Trading time for money & valuing your time as an expert service provider
  • Transitioning from hourly rates to package pricing
  • Comparing yourself to other business owners
  • Viewing other businesses as companions rather than competitors


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