“We find that with the Chinese factories, they actually like you going there because they want to get to know you. And it’s also good because then you get to see what they’re really all about. From Australia you don’t know what the factory is really like. We are quite particular about the conditions of the factory, the working hours and things like that. So we actually flew over and spent two days there, and made sure that the factory we chose had good hours and good conditions.”

In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Jasmine Wong, Co-Founder of For Mae Collective. Jasmine is Melbourne Mum of three who started For Mae Collective with her sister-in-law, Deirdre. She’s always had an entrepreneurial heart trying to sell little handmade items even as a young kid in school. In her free time (other than the business!), she’s usually out hiking and biking with the family and also finding a few sewing projects to get into. 

Let’s jump in! 


  • The reason for starting For Mae

  • Conducting market research after having the idea

  • Combining the business with other projects

  • The benefit to visiting your factories in person

  • The direct impact of Covid-19 on manufacturing

  • The constant learning process of content creation

  • The realities of maternity leave and having your own business

  • Teaching your customers 



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