• “I had only really thought about the (social media) management side of things… And it wasn’t until I was helping a friend with her social media and I was teaching her those skills that I realised how much I love teaching.”


    In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Lily Carter, Digital Marketing Specialist and owner of SHE Marketing.  This year Lily started her passion project which is SHE Marketing. She offers social media services including management and coaching. And she recently launched Google Ads services (someone pretty cool polished up my skills recently!).


    In this chat we chat about overcoming self doubt and starting a side business whilst still working full time, what social media management is and the different services Lily has created.

    Let’s jump in! 


    • Overcoming self-doubt and taking the leap

    • Balancing a full time job and starting your own business

    • Having the support from those around you to start your own business

    • The common elements between Facebook Ads & Google Ads

    • What is social media management

    • How to embrace a client’s tone of voice

    • Realising that teaching / consulting was also a passion of Lily’s

    • How to price yourself as a service provider

    • Having boundaries around client communication

    • How to work with Lily

    • Big plans for SHE Marketing



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