• “You might be thinking ‘I’m not quite ready for a VA, I don’t think I’ll have enough tasks for them’ but the best thing about hiring on a platform like Upwork is that it’s hourly based. You pay per hour and their time is recorded, so it’s very safe and you’re not going to get scammed of your time or your money, you only pay what they work for you.”


    Today’s episode is a solo one with me, Kaity, sharing my experience working with a VA, how I do it effectively and what it means for scaling my business.  

    Let’s jump in! 


    • How to know if you could use a VA

    • Dividing all your business tasks into four different categories

    • What kinds of tasks can you use a VA for

    • How I’ve used a VA in a business

    • Why you should hire before you think you’re ready

    • How to hire a VA & where to find them

    • How to write a job description for a VA or contractor and how to select the right person

    • The best ways to train and communicate with VA’s and team members

    • What having a VA allows me to do in my business




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