• “We started contacting suppliers, which is actually a lot harder than you’d think, due to the language barrier and the suppliers already having premade wrap carriers. But we didn’t want that, we wanted to create our own with our own designs.”


    In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Madison Bognar and Georgia McClure, co-founders of Joey Baby Wraps.  Joey Baby Wraps make stretchy wrap carriers that are made to mimic the womb. Joey is the creation of two sisters, Madison & Georgia, from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The idea to create stretchy wrap carriers was born over a breakfast catch up, there was no intention of starting a business together but one short brunch later (while both pregnant) the ball for Joey had begun rolling. Both Madison & Georgia are lovers of baby wearing and believe baby wearing is fantastic in assisting with bonding and developing a beautiful attachment between baby and parents. Joey’s stretchy wrap carriers not only give parents an extra set of hands, but also assist babies with naps and getting through that fourth trimester. Joey wraps come in a variety of prints and colours, something to suit everybody and every outfit.


    In this chat we chat about starting a business during the pandemic with your sister and with young families.  They share their manufacturing journey and how they’ve built their following for the brand as well as the online marketing strategies they’ve employed.

    Let’s jump in! 


    • Why they started Joey Baby Wraps

    • How they found their manufacturer

    • Instagram being about building relationships

    • Finding stockists

    • Starting a business during covid plus having a young family

    • And what it’s like working with your sister

    • Advice for starting a manufacturing business

    • What’s next for Joey baby wraps

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