‘It’s the SEO side of things that most people fall down at. Say they go to Wix, put their content in and hit publish, they’re done. But they haven’t gone into the back end and run the SEO tool that tells them ‘they need to put a page heading here, a heading 1 tag here, your images are not optimized, you don’t have Alt titles etc’. They forget to do that part and then 12 months later, they’re not showing up on google, they’re not getting website traffic, they’re not getting google analytics and they come to me asking why they’re not being found!’

In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Karlie Plowman, aka Techno Bird, a website designer & SEO specialist.

Karlie Plowman, founder of Techno Bird, is a website designer specialising in service-based websites for small & micro businesses. She is also an SEO Specialist who provides SEO services to help business & brands to thrive online. Karlie is a mum to 2 young kids & lives in the Macedon Ranges. Outside of Techno Bird, Karlie is sports-loving, ocean-worshipping Virgo – clicks, menus, online design and mastering the Google algorithm feel like home to her.

Let’s jump in! 


  • ‘Falling’ into website design
  • Coming up with the name Technobird
  • Building a business based on word of mouth and social media
  • Complementary services and mutual referral with other business owners
  • The hesitation around pricing for value and pricing for your worth
  • Gaining confidence around pricing
  • What business owners often miss regarding SEO
  • How websites & website platforms have come a long way in the last 20 years


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