“So then there’s the course side of my business, which I’m actively growing.  The main concept of the course is that it is a 12 week course. So it includes 12 weeks of Facebook group support and 10 weeks of course calls. I teach businesses and online marketers how to profitably use google ads, essentially taking all the skills I’ve learned over years and years of doing 1:1 client work and running multiple accounts and working across a lot of different industries.  Taking those skills and creating a really dependable system and process that anyone can implement on their business to profitably use google ads.”

Today’s episode is a solo ep with me, Kaity Griffin, sharing the layout of my business model, my revenue streams and the support I utilise to make it all happen.

Let’s jump in! 


  • My main revenue streams
  • What elements of my business I’m growing and which ones I’m phasing out
  • My team & how I facilitate my revenue streams
  • Plans for mat leave & the future of my business


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