• “It was unbelievable, that first year of research and trying to find a printer. Because it’s different with books, you’ve just got to find a really good printer… It was so hard, because I really wanted to get the books printed in Australia – that was my biggest thing at the start – but it was just impossible. Once you look into prices, it was just so expensive.”


    In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Martha Vivian.  Mum, wife, entrepreneur, Martha is the founder of luxury keepsake book company Truly Amor. Inspired by her own experiences of wanting to capture her growing family’s precious moments, Martha identified a gap in the market for premium quality journals. After 15 years as a graphic designer in the advertising space for a global mass media & publishing company, Martha launched her journals a little over a year ago and hasn’t looked back. Martha’s goal is to provide her growing Truly Amor customers and community with an incredible experience with her timeless journals that connect the mind with the hand to create handwritten, prompted keepsake journals that are as precious as the moments they capture.


    In this chat, we will be talking about how the dilemma of working motherhood spurred her into creating her own business, how her background assisted it’s growth and what marketing tools have really worked for Truly Amor.


    Let’s jump in! 




    • Martha’s background before starting her own business

    • Why she created Truly Amor

    • How Martha focused on Instagram in the beginning

    • Recognising how important visuals are to any online business

    • How Truly Amor has been so successful so quickly

    • The importance of offering free shipping & capturing reviews

    • What her days look like being a wife, mum & entrepreneur

    • Why she’s ready for a warehouse space

    • And what’s next for the Truly Amor product line




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