• “For me it was that I’ve always lived a really active lifestyle, and I couldn’t keep working out in the clothes that I was in because they were really restrictive and… didn’t fit! And the only other thing that was on the market at the time was 2XU and they were $200 for a pair of tights, which you could see straight through! So it wasn’t an option, you know, seeing my mumma bum as I’m squatting…”

    In today’s episode Kaity is joined by Sinem Ibrahim, founder of Maze Activewear. Sinem is a mum of three, with a background in psychology, digital marketing and a love for building businesses. 

    After being dissatisfied with what was available at the time of her first pregnancy, it was  during her second pregnancy with my daughter, that Maze Activewear was also born. Sinem decided to make her own pregnancy and nursing activewear that she felt comfortable wearing not only at the gym and during Pilates classes, but also when spending time at the park with her son whilst multi-tasking and feeding her daughter. She realised then that so many other mums in her stage of life as a busy mother might also be looking for good quality, comfortable and attractive activewear. 

    In this chat, we will be talking about building an activewear brand and how to start manufacturing textiles. We talk about working with micro-influencers and alternative ways to find your audience online. We also touch on the challenges of working full time, running a business and parenting three little ones during stage 4 lockdown!

    Let’s jump in! 


    • Why Sinem started Maze Activewear

    • What it’s like working with influencers

    • How to navigate a influencer collaboration doesn’t go well

    • The diverse marketing strategies Sinem uses to build Maze

    • What it’s like working in the maternity wear industry

    • Running a business with three kids while in stage four lockdown

    • How the business impacts on marriage

    • Why you need a support crew




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