“The reason behind doing a podcast with this episode, for me, is because a lot of the time people share, on podcasts and interviews, their business wins and it’s all very business focused. BUT I’m really interested about this whole other personal side of running a business, that there’s cost involved with your relationship and your family and friendships. And that’s the stuff that can be impacted when you’re a business owner. I love to work, I get so much fulfilment and passion for my business. It’s kinda like a hobby for me. So when I’ve got this thing that I really want to spend as much time as possible, and then you’re working really long hours, I kinda feel like I lose out on that passion.”


Having your own business can feel amazing. Even though it requires long working hours, it brings joy and flexibility in your daily life. On the other hand, managing your business AND having a family comes with a price. How can you juggle between the two and make sure that both get enough of your attention? How do you set healthy boundaries between working from home and spending time with your family? 


In today’s episode Kaity will be talking with her husband Matt about what difficulties they face while Kaity runs her own business from home and Matt works long hours in his job and what healthy boundaries they try to introduce to separate work and family life, pros and cons of having one of the partners in the family running a business and so much more.


  • Kaity talks about her business journey and her family
  • Trying to get the business off the ground when having small kids
  • Finding a balance between having a family and running a business
  • Reasons why Kaity decided to start her own business
  • Different expectations of both partners when one of them decides to work from home
    What Matt likes about Kaity running her own business
  • Downsides of having a boss lady at home
  • Having no clear distinction between home and office and what solution could solve this problem
  • Issues Kaity has when working from home
  • Do Kaity and Matt set time aside for each other
  • How to overcome differences when your partner is not in the same place professionally
  • Kaity’s most annoying habit
  • How do Kaity and Matt provide feedback to each other and how they make decisions
  • Tips for setting boundaries between family time and work


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