It’s human nature to assume that things we don’t know how to do are hard.

That’s because when we are first learning something, it often is hard. And time consuming, while you figure it all out.

Google Ads is no different.

It looks intimidating, and initially you’ll want someone to guide you while you learn how it all works.

But as you get more comfortable with it, you’ll be running campaigns, grouping themes into ad groups and writing ads on auto pilot.

In my signature course, Profitable Promotion

I hold your hand through a complete Google Ads setup and don’t let go until you have all my tips and tricks.

And one of my biggest tricks? Is teaching you how to get damn fine results for less than an hour a week.

Aside from the fact that Google Ads work best when they are not being tinkered with constantly, I give you some automation hacks that will keep any poor performance from running amuck while you run your biz.

Such as creating rules for when you want your keyword bids increased, decreased, paused or enabled.

And I teach you how to manage your account once it’s all set up, because part of what makes Google Ads scary in the beginning can be not knowing what to do with it once everything is live.

You do still need to get your hands dirty occasionally, because Google Ads is not the platform where you can ‘set and forget’.

But you’ll have the skills and checklists to ensure that you’re maximising your time, and not clicking around aimlessly.

So, if you’ve been thinking you don’t have time to do Google Ads, I am here to assure you that you do!

And when the dollar bucks start rolling in as a result, you’ll be so glad you carved out that one hour a week. Not to mention stoked you don’t have to pass on any of your profits by outsourcing.

The doors are open for the next intake of Profitable Promotion, which kicks off again in May.

It’ll only take a sec to secure your spot, but it’ll save you SO much time in the long run.