Lemme let you in on something I get asked about a lot…Promotions.  Specifically:

“What’s the best way to run promotions in your Google Ads account?”

If the thought of having to create a new campaign every time a seasonal holiday or sale comes up is keeping you up at night, fret not! There are heaps of ways you can make the most of this festive season without becoming overwhelmed. Here’s a Google Ads truth bomb to help you spice up your sales (in any season!):

Instead of creating a new campaign each time you have a sale, mix up your existing ad copy within your top campaigns

It’s a good idea (no dammit, it’s a GREAT idea) for a coupla reasons:

  • It allows you to leverage off the data that is already in the campaign. i.e. no starting from scratch every time
  • You can still create targeted ad copy that speaks to the promotion you’re running
  • You can still take advantage of price, sitelink and promotions extensions
  • You can still optimise your account because it’ll continue to have enough data to do so

Now, you’re likely to see some AWESOME results doing just what I’ve suggested above. But if you want to take it to the next level – here are some advanced strategies that will have your revenue soaring:

New Ad Copy:

I know I just said you don’t need to write new ad copy for promotions. However, if you’re sale is going on for more than a couple of days (i.e. Black Friday through to Cyber Monday) then definitely let those creative juices flow. Just remember to add them to your existing ad groups, there’s still no need to create anything from scratch.


Check your audiences, Google has a ‘Black Friday’ audience you can add but also add any shopping related audiences as well (observation only). Then you can bid up or down on these depending on how they perform.

Negative Keywords:

While you’re checking things, let’s do a re-run of those negative keywords you reluctantly dismissed for not converting. Make sure they’re super relevant still, but now is an ideal time to test drive them again when you’re likely to have more traffic to your site.

Display Remarketing:

Speaking of things that maybe haven’t worked for you in the past – let’s chat display remarketing. Now is the perfect time to turn these campaigns back on and remarket to past buyers letting them know about your sale. Then turn it off again at the end of the promo period (unless it normally works well, in which case leave it going).

Using Smart Bidding?

A smart move here is to let Google know that you’re expecting an uplift in conversions so that it can do it’s thang more effectively for you. Head into Tools – Bid Strategies – Advanced Controls and then fill in your promotion details. If you’re not sure what percentage increase to pop in, use previous sales data or forecasts.

Customer Match lists:

This last tip is for accounts that have spent over $US50K in their lifetime and have been active in the past three months – because if this is you, then you’re eligible to use Customer match lists. This is where you upload your email database to Google Ads and can then create remarketing ads to this audience.

Phew! One of the great things about Google Ads is that you don’t have to do All.The.Things. to see great results. You can easily pick from any of my suggestions above and test them out.

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May this (and every) holiday season be ever in your favour x