Is Google Ads right for you?

Not sure whether to swipe right on G-Ads? Maybe you like the look of it and you’re keen to jump into some new advertising this year?

Ok, enough of the dodgy Tinder reference.

(And yes, this married lady did have to Google to check which way to swipe).

The truth is, Google Ads isn’t OSFA…

There are a coupla things you should nut out before diving in. Before we dive into what these are, it’s worth mentioning that Google have many policies in place to prohibit certain  businesses from advertising. You can check them out here if you think this might include you.

If you’re not impacted by policy, here are some key q’s to tick off before kicking into things:

  1. Are people using Google to search for what you offer? (and not just how Tinder works, lol).
  2. Does there seem to be demand for what you offer online? This is always harder for service based peeps to judge, but essentially what you’re looking for is a good number of relevant search results.
  3. Do you have a solid conversion rate from your website? Anything over 2% is generally considered good but your industry will have its own stats so make sure you’re all over them.

Having a bespoke product or service that most aren’t aware of makes it harder for Google Ads to be profitable, because there generally won’t be enough data to optimize your results.

If this is you, it might be something you ‘swipe left’ on while you focus on other marketing platforms that can build up your brand awareness (like Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok).

Likewise, if your website was hastily put together or hasn’t had a refresh since before the first season of Below Deck (it’s been going longer than you think!) – then focus your time and money on getting this knocked into shape before you tackle Google Ads.

It’s your website that your ads direct people to, after all.  A slick user experience means that your ads will have a better chance of paying for themselves.

And that’s really what you should be trying to achieve with your Google Ads

– an account that performs so well it pays for itself – and then some!

If your biz ticks all the boxes for Google Ads, but you have no idea where to start? Then I warmly invite you to join the waitlist for my 12 week Google Ads course called Profitable Promotion.

Over 12 weeks I give you all the tips, tricks and lols you’ll ever need to get Google Ads up, running and thriving. It’s next running in May for the first time in over 12 months and I cannot WAIT to dive back in. I’d love to have you join me 🙂