Did you know that over 20% of businesses don’t have a website?

So if you’re part of the 80% that do, then you’re already ahead of the game when starting out with Google Ads.

And if you’ve checked out this blog here, where I outline whether your biz should run Google Ads or not? Then that’s another gold star for you!

So now you’ve got a website, and you’ve established that Google Ads is a good fit. Time to get stuck in, right?

Well, not just yet.

There’s something we need to talk about, and it might make your eyes glaze over more than a dunkin donut. But stick with me (haha, get it?) because this is important.

We need to chat about numbers.

Personally, I love numbers. I make all my decisions based on numbers. I’m the gal that created a spreadsheet to organise a catch up with my friends. (Highly recommend, esp if you have lil kids by the way).

There’s two types of numbers you should have a good feel for, before creating that very first ad in Google.

1.Your biz stats.

Conversion rate, average order value, purchase frequency, site speed, cart abandonment – you probably know your stuff here, if you’re looking to run ads for your own biz. But if you’re an in-house or agency marketer these are just some of the numbers you should be aware of.

Obvi if you’re just starting out you won’t have all the deets for these numbers, and that’s ok! The main thing is to start thinking about them, because the more info you have the more powerful your decision-making can be.

And in the case of Google Ads? The more info you have, the more you can use it to make sure your ads are going to be profitable for you before you spend a single cent.

2. Actionable vs. Vanity metrics in Google Ads.

There is so much data available (lots of numbers, probably why I love it so much). But most of the numbers you’ll see are not helping you to drive revenue.

Lots of people get hung up on the number of impressions and clicks but these numbers don’t put money in the bank. They’re nice to look at, but don’t tell you anything about your biz, which is why they’re called vanity metrics.

On the other hand, things like conversion rate, cost per acquisition, conversion value over cost – these numbers tell the real story about how your ads are performing.

Conversion rate – out of all the clicks you received, how many of these converted on your website?

Cost per acquisition – how much did you have to spend to acquire the lead?

Conversion value over cost – this is your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) number that tells you for every dollar you spend how much you get back.

Understanding what numbers to focus on once you’ve unleashed on Google Ads is going to be crucial to your success.

Which is why I have a whole lesson showing you exactly what numbers to laser in on in my signature Google Ads course, Profitable Promotion.

If this post has been super dry (and not in the good martini sipping way) then jump on the waitlist and I’ll hold your hand as we go through it together. The next live round is coming up and I’d love to have you join me 🙂