Overwhelmed with options when it comes to marketing your business? Not sure whether Google Ads should be part of your marketing strategy?

You’ve come to the right place. 

For us, Google Ads is not just a big deal. It’s our main squeeze. The main attraction. The main meal. Not quite the love of our lives but…well, you get the idea. We like it a lot. 

Google Ads (the artist formerly known as Adwords) is an advertising platform like no other. 

Ok full transparency, there are others. 

But it’s the gold standard. 

It allows you to create text, image, video and in-app ads that can easily reach your target audience right when they’re ready to purchase. And it only charges you when that audience actually clicks on your ad, hence why Google Ads is affectionately known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. 

It’s other fancy name, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), refers to the fact that the ads show within the search engine as people are…well… searching. 

It’s been around longer than the Kardashians, with an even bigger audience. Google has an estimated 5.6 Billion searches per day every day. So it’s extremely likely that your business has people searching for what you offer. And the easiest way to reach them? You guessed it, Ads. 

But hang on! we hear you cry… I do SEO so that people can find my business, why do I need Ads as well?

Great question. 

Google Ads always show up before organic listings (i.e. your SEO efforts). So even though you may be on the first page, your audience is likely still going to need to scroll to see your business. 

You know who hates scrolling more than Gen Z hates skinny jeans? Pretty much everyone on the internet. Including you.

Secondly, you might be on the first page but how long did it take you to get there? And how much did it cost you in agency fees? Google Ads can be fairly technical, but the results are quick and you can easily run them yourself. More on this in a bit.

Something else to think about…

when asking yourself what marketing platforms to use – where in the buying journey are you reaching your customers? Because not all digital marketing efforts are equal. 

On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where you’re paying for the impression and not the click, it’s much harder to access your audience when they are ready to buy. 

But with Google Ads, this is generally all you’re doing because your ads only show up AFTER your customer has searched for them. 

So not only are Google Ads cost effective, they reach your customer further in the sales funnel, making it often more profitable. We still love FB and IG ads by the way. We just love Google Ads the most. And we know Google Ads convert better than social ads. So that helps. 

At this point, you’re probably chomping at the bit to get going with your own Google Ads legacy.

Can’t say we blame you. 

Remember when we said it can be fairly technical but you CAN do it yourself? We weren’t lying. So to help with this, we created our very own Google Ads course. So that you can get going with that aforementioned legacy without the also mentioned overwhelm.

Teaching people like you how to do Ads yourself is kind of our thing. So we’re pretty confident It’ll be the best investment you’ve made in yonks. And you’ll discover just how big a deal Google Ads can be for your business.