Student Spotlight - Fiona Smallwood

When I meet someone who loves numbers as much as I do, I have to share them with everyone.

Fiona is all about that data and is a much-cherished Profitable Promotion Alumni.

She runs her own Digital Marketing Agency and is moving marketing mountains, one number at a time.

Give her a holla on IG or get in touch directly (she’d love to hear from you!) [email protected]

But first – get the DL on her success here:

Tell me about you, your biz and what you do?

Hey, I’m Fiona Smallwood. At work I love Google Ads (!) and data and outside of work I’m pretty happy with life. I love the beach, sharing lots of photos on Unsplash (@thepeopelsdigital) my dog Harry and…learning more about my work. I also think I am a comedian which could be a bit annoying.

I’m in Freo (WA) near the beach. I’ve got one super kid but she’s all grown up now and I think it’s actually against the law to mention her because *parents* and a super husbo and if I could take one food to a desert island it would be peanut butter.

I was doing a bit of everything but since finishing Profitable Promotion I am firmly in Google Ads, it’s my favourite ads platform, and Measurement/Analytics – so Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Data Studio – so I can measure how effective any marketing is. I’m currently wrapping up certification, so 2022 watch out!

What’s your biggest business success so far?

Pivoting since IOS14 and leveling up so that I can understand what is coming with modeling.

It is a huge undertaking and my biggest learning journey yet (not to mention investment in myself!) but the experience and knowledge it has given me is beyond. 2022 is going to be a big year of growth for me. I can’t wait!

What has been the biggest challenge in your business so far?

Making mistakes and having to pivot.. I get hurt easily and am pretty sensitive so that is tuff. But I’ve also learned from it. I don’t think anyone is ever wholly right or wrong.

What do you love most about your business?

My business name! I was inspired by ‘The Humans of New York’ and the people. Despite everything, we are people and I want to maintain the scope to be able to see that within my business.

I love that I learn and am driven and focussed on profit, but have the ability to say yay or nay to the human factor and reflect that in my messaging.

I feel proud when I say the name because I’ve been true to it.

What are the plans for next year?

I am laser focussed on becoming great at ads. I want Google ads to be my main income earner. If what I am doing is not serving the purpose to drive me there, then it will fall away.

My other plan at this stage is to remove the pressure from myself to *not* do a course…that may change but I’m pretty clear on that at this point.

Do you have any advice for new business owners that you wish you knew before you got started?

Be prepared for it to be messy (especially at the beginning) and KNOW with every ounce of your being that this does not mean it’s a ‘sign’ that you should not proceed. Self employment is very different to corporate and it takes time to navigate that.

Also, don’t be afraid to speak up and let your genius shine. People are looking to you to be the expert. So, be it.

How has Profitable Promotion helped you in your business journey?

In so many ways! The skills learnt from the course have given me a new avenue that I will create revenue from but also, the way Kaity views Google Ads (all about that profit, baby!) has opened up my eyes. I am now taking that same view and carrying it into other services I offer.

I also  feel more confident to invest in myself. I’ve invested in the Profitable Promotion Mastermind group too which seems like a big sum, but I’ve found my ‘thing’ so I let other expenses fall away to justify it. That is a growth step.

If you’d like Profitable Promotion to help you the way it’s helped Davina jump on the waitlist today.