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  • Google Ads Bootcamp Course

    What’s the big deal with Google Ads Anyway?

    Overwhelmed with options when it comes to marketing your business? Not sure whether Google Ads should be part of your marketing strategy? You’ve come to the right place.  For us, Google Ads is not just a big deal. It’s our main squeeze. The main attraction. The main meal. Not quite the love of our lives […]


  • Ads - What you need to know before running your first ad

    What You Need To Know Before Running Your First Ad

    Did you know that over 20% of businesses don’t have a website? So if you’re part of the 80% that do, then you’re already ahead of the game when starting out with Google Ads. And if you’ve checked out this blog here, where I outline whether your biz should run Google Ads or not? Then […]


  • make more money in 2022

    Make More Money In 2022

    If you want to make more money in 2022?  Learn how to do your ads yourself.  Get rid of the need for a management fee that is only cutting into your profitability.  Sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous, you know how they say ignorance is bliss? Well, bully to that. You don’t have love […]