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I'm Kaity

I'm really, really good at Google Ads.

I’m here to help grow your business using Google Ads. It’s all about targeting the right people, with the right ads and getting them to give you the right credit card details

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clients I've worked with
  • Really comprehensive lessons and incredible support for any questions asked no matter how small. I would highly recommend this course if you are interested in running Google Ads for your own business or as a service for others.

    – Kate Fletcher
  • Loved Kaity’s course, so informative and 100% worth the investment!

    – Rhianna Knight
  • I am blown away at how much value we have taken away from your course and the level of detail, service and assistance you provide.

    – Danielle Blunt
  • 90% of my clients have increased conversions compared to the previous month. I think it is because of the course and your help, thank you!

    – Cally Sage
  • Without a doubt the most comprehensive, well executed course on Google Ads focusing on profitability above all else. I especially loved the fact the class could meet 2x a week to ask questions and trouble shoot in real time with the team.

    My ads have been running for 3 weeks and I’ve already doubled my initial course investment. If you’re willing to dive in and do the work – this training course will absolutely be worth it!

    – Olivia Lawson
  • This course did not only equip me with knowledge and skills that I could employ straight away, it was also run by two very knowledgeable and helpful google ads superstars. Loved the structure of the course. Loved the way of teaching.

    – Charlotte Jordans
  • Prior to doing this course, I thought Google Ads was beyond my capabilities. I was proven wrong thanks to this course.

    – Kamal
  • Probably my favourite course I’ve done in terms of incredible resources and clear learning.

    – Zoe Winfield