Google Ads Account Restructure


Who’s this for? 

  • Businesses that are already running Google Ads (Adwords) but it’s just not working that well
  • You want a custom account strategy utilizing your budget in the most profitable way

What do you get?

  • Using your existing data, we’ll leverage those learnings to create a custom Google Ads strategy
  • Clean up everything in the account including; conversion tracking, remarketing, search, shopping, gmail, youtube and display
  • A custom reporting dashboard that will report on the metrics you need to keep track of
  • A one hour 1:1 strategy session with Kaity, to go over the new account structure and tips on how to optimize the account moving forward ($399 value)



Need your account overhauled? I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning up the ‘mess’ that other agencies and account managers have created within your Google Ads account. And frankly, I’m sick of it! It frustrates the heck out of me knowing that small businesses are wasting money on management fees and just not getting the results they need to build a bigger business.

This account restructure will analyze your account and create a custom strategy to make sure your ad spend is being used in the most profitable way. It’s not a one size fits all approach when it comes to Google Ads. It needs to fit into the overall business strategy and be aligned with your Facebook ads, your Instagram ads, your social media presence and your website.

Let’s tighten up that remarketing strategy so that you’re not spending so much money acquiring new traffic, and ignoring the traffic you’ve already got to your website. A segmented remarketing strategy is best for this. Treating people that have gotten further down your sales funnel (think cart or sales page) but haven’t hit ‘buy’ for one reason or another. Let’s get back in front of them and remind them how awesome you are!


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