Google Ads Challenge


Get started with Google Ads the right way.

Take the first step to creating successful, profitable Google Ads for you and for your clients—even if you hate numbers, suck at tech and have failed in the past

Headshot of Google Ads Challenge teacher Kaity Griffin, a google ads expert

“Thanks Kaity! You make me excited to run Google Ads!”

Kate Lippiatt, challenge participant

Inside this FREE 10-day challenge, you’ll learn key Google Ads fundamentals PLUS –

  • the single most important thing you need to know before running ads
  • common money-sucking mistakes most ad managers make
  • hidden keyword strategies to get the best bang for your buck

Google would love you to believe that all you need to do is open an ad account, slap up an ad, and hey presto, you’re making money.

But you already know it isn’t quite so easy.

The platform is confusing as heck. The tech setup can be a total nightmare. And analysing the data to make sense of what’s happening in your account? Completely daunting.

But WAIT, before you give up on the idea of Google Ads and go back to just focusing on SEO or Facebook Ads or content marketing…

Consider this…

  • Customers are using Google Ads to find what they need (more than half (66%) of people who buy online use Google Ads).

  • Google Ads are more effective than any other online advertising (people are four times more likely to click ads on Google (63%) than ads on any other network).

  • The potential ROI is bonkers (businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads).

  • Google Ads isn’t going anywhere (Google generates 97% of its revenue from Google Ads alone).

And if you’re a digital marketer? Understanding the basics of Search Engine Marketing and how Google Ads fits into an overall marketing strategy is a non-negotiable (you probably already know what it’s like to lose a client to a big agency that can ‘do it all’).

So, how do you get over the sucky bit where the tech makes you want to pull out your hair?

With the help of an expert.

An expert with an easy-to-follow, systematic, totally copy-able way to make serious profit using Google Ads (that generated over $25 million in revenue for clients… in 2021 alone).

A Google Ads expert who’s also a super fun and engaging teacher with a treasure trove of templates and tools for you to steal.

An expert like me…

Kaity Griffin google ads expert in orange top smiling

Hi, I’m Kaity.

and I’m damn good at Google Ads.

I’ve worked with A-lister clients like Snuggle Hunny Kids, Showpo and Kettle & Fire, helping them achieve serious ROI from their marketing spend.

AND I’ve taught business owners and marketers how to profitably use Google Ads so they can kiss overwhelm and tech-overload goodbye.

Best of all? I have a knack for breaking down confusing concepts (like Google Ads) and letting my students in on the trade secrets I use with 7 figure clients in a totally accessible way.

But Kaity…

I hate numbers

I’m totally not tech-savvy

I tried Google Ads in the past (and failed)

I have no idea where to start or if learning Google Ads is the right move for me

I’ve got you!
You CAN learn Google Ads

I’m going to get you started with Google Ads the right way and get you excited to learn more…

No matter how tech-un-savvy or “bad with numbers” you think you are.

No matter how many times you’ve tried (and failed) with Google Ads in the past.

And no matter how overwhelmed or confused you feel.

We’ll get you started with:

  • how to calculate your key Google ads metrics
  • my signature tech check so you know your account is ship shape and good to go
  • conversion tracking fundamentals so you can stay on top of how your ads are performing
  • optimisation tactics to keep your campaigns bringing in the profits

PLUS, you’ll walk away with an understanding of how to assess whether Google Ads will be a successful marketing strategy for you and for your clients.


You’re a digital marketer who wants to learn more about what kind of results Google Ads can achieve for your clients (this is the first step to upskilling so you can offer Google Ads as a service and diversify your revenue stream)

You’re an e-comm business looking to increase your sales and create a steady stream of new customers

You’re ready to learn the key pillars of a profitable Google Ads account so you can stop throwing your marketing budget behind poorly performing ads.

Inside this free 10-day challenge you’ll find

  • 5 video training modules with practical challenges you can implement immediately—so the learning sinks in AND makes sense.

  • A few of my favourite resources, templates and tools—yours to keep and use to get results over and over and over again.

  • 4 live calls with me—we’ll troubleshoot any real-life tech woes or challenges you’re coming up against.

  • A supportive Facebook group—where my team and I will answer alllll your questions (we’re super active in the group, it’s our fave place to hang).

  • PRIZES—yup, we’re spicing things up with 5 x US$100 Amazon gift vouchers for our most engaged challengers.

Private Facebook Group


Google Ads won’t be the right marketing strategy for every client. We’ll kick off by learning how to crunch the numbers that matter most so you can set realistic expectations and goals when it comes to running Google Ads.

Using my favourite Google Sheet (yours to keep) we’ll walk through the calculations you need to do to understand the potential results you can achieve with Google Ads.

Numbers can be confusing. With this method, we make it simple.


Google Ads only work if the tech is right.

Today we’ll learn my signature “tech check” method to audit an existing Google Ads account. I’ll teach you how to check what tags are installed on your site, so you can set up your ad account correctly, right from the start.

We’ll also cover how to do a quick health check on an existing Google Ads account to make sure everything is ship-shape and ready to roll.

The tech doesn’t have to be scary. We’ll walk you through it.


You can’t keep getting results if you don’t track how your account is performing.

Today you’ll learn conversion tracking fundamentals, including identifying what conversion actions you currently have set up, identifying issues and the single most important thing every Google Ads expert needs to know.

Did someone say repeatable profits and results? There’s nothing boring about that.


We don’t want traffic for traffic’s sake. We want the right people to click on your ads and visit your site. And for that, we need targeted keywords.

Today we’ll cover how to do solid keyword research to effectively target your ideal customers and put your ad in front of them. And we’ll cover the hidden strategies that will get you the most bang for your buck.

We’re getting ads in front of eyeballs.


This isn’t set and forget, we want your ads to keep on performing and bringing in the profits.

Today I’ll be teaching the three optimisation phases you absolutely need to know. PLUS a whole bunch of optimisation techniques you can use during the specific phase your account falls into.

Setting you up for long-term success.

🤔That’s a whole lotta goodness for FREE.

What’s the catch?🤔

Hey, I get it, not all freebies are created equal. And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking there’s no way you’d get all this in a FREE challenge.

You absolutely do!

But, here’s the thing, this mini-challenge (as awesome as it is) isn’t designed to be a comprehensive breakdown of Google Ads.

Because it would be impossible to learn everything in just 10-days.

My paid 12-week course Profitable Promotion is where you’ll find the FULL Google Ads learning experience with everything from tech set-up to advanced tactics and ongoing support so when the tech changes (and it will) you stay up to speed.

But diving deep into Google Ads isn’t for everyone.

And I don’t want anyone investing their time and money on a 12-week course if learning more about Google Ads isn’t the right move for them.

That’s why I’m offering this free challenge as a first step.

It will give you an idea of how simple it can be to get results from Google Ads when you have the right strategies AND it will help you decide whether learning more about Google Ads with me is worth your time.

If you get to the end and you’re like “YES KAITY GIMME MORE GOOGLEY GOODNESS” you can jump into the next round of Profitable Promotion (we’d love to have you).

But even if you don’t decide to go ahead with the full course you’re going to walk away with a solid understanding of how to assess whether Google Ads will be a successful strategy for you or your clients. So you can provide the right advice and avoid the costly mistake of jumping in if it isn’t the right move.

Ready for it?

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We love the inquisitive type 😉

Nope, not at all! We’ve specifically designed this course to make complex concepts super easy to understand, even for the very beginning-est of beginners.

The content inside is perfect for both total Google Ads newbies, as well as those that have experience in the platform.

We’re VERY active in the FB group over the challenge, so you can post questions in there if you get stuck, and my team and I will do our best to help you out!

Great question! The challenges are designed to give you immediate learning to action so you can get results in under 30 minutes.

We also have live 1-hour Q&As each Wednesday and Friday and these calls are recorded so you can watch back later if you can’t make it live.

If you have five hours to spare over the two-week period, you’re all set.

If you’re considering using Google Ads or you’ve dabbled but you’re not sure if it’s worth continuing, this challenge is actually designed to help you SAVE time. By helping you make informed decisions about how you manage your account and giving you best practice knowledge to set you on a profitable path right from the start.

No ma’am. Our previous challenge participants have been a mix of e-comm and service-based businesses and digital marketers. And we’ve created the content and challenges inside to work for everyone.

Nope, our next round of the free challenge won’t run again until 2023. So if Google Ads is on your 2022 to-do list, this is the time to jump in.

Not at all! The challenges are pre-recorded and available in the course portal, ready for you to take action no matter what time zone you’re in.

And if you’re not able to attend the live Q&A sessions, the replay will be available immediately in the Facebook group, or a few hours later in the course portal.

Questions answered and ready to get stuck in?