Google Ads Audit


Who’s this for?

  • Businesses that already have a Google Ad account (newbies, stay away!)
  • You’re not really sure if it’s set up properly, what’s happening and whether it’s living up to its potential
  • You want an expert to check that your current account manager is doing their job, properly
  • You want detailed recommendations to improve profit and reduce wasted spend

But what do I get?

  • a thorough look through of your account, including conversion tracking and your existing performance.
  • a video with our recommendations, suggestions, and areas to focus on
  • tips to optimise your account, reduce wasted adspend and improve your ad performance




Are you worried that your Google Ads (Adwords) account is bleeding money? Yeah, I’ve been there. As a small business owner, cash flow isĀ important and Google Ads is so confusing that you often aren’t sure what is actually being done, and what those metrics mean. I’ve been managing the ad accounts of businesses that spend over $2 million a year on Google, plus, I’ve audited hundreds of accounts. I know what works and can give you insight on strategies to implement, features you’re not utilizing and money you’re throwing down the toilet.

This audit will go through your account with a fine toothed comb and report back with actionable steps to improve your profit and return on ad spend. After all, that’s what’s important right?

Your report will be completed 10 days after your account is linked to ours and payment is made.


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